Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

TikTok's search engine optimization (SEO) is on the rise. What does that mean for SEO marketers?

1. From Google Search to TikTok Search

For over a decade, when companies talk about search engine optimization (SEO), they've basically been talking about Google search results. However, the rise of e-commerce such as Amazon and social media giants such as YouTube and TikTok is showing the issue of market segmentation in search engine optimization.

As the search function is used by platform users to find something within the platform function that has become huge, the search function will inevitably be activated as the number of users and contents of platforms increases.

A 2017 Forbes article mentions that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the United States, followed by Amazon as the third-largest search engine.

Then, there is no reason why TikTok, which is said to have surpassed Google as the number one visitor in 2021, is now being referred to as a search engine.

Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

2. Features of TikTok Search

According to a recent article by marketing guru Danica Lo published in Fast Company, numerous brands and creators are already reaching a larger Gen Z audience on TikTok through search engine optimization (SEO).

Just as users tried to find video content through YouTube search, they probably tried to find information about products through Amazon. It could be the same person or it could be a different person, but it must have been a search with a different 'intention' with a different form or content of what you were looking for.

Similarly, a search on TikTok will be different from a search on Google, YouTube, or Amazon. Fast Company's article defines search characteristics as generational characteristics.

According to the article, Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president of search and information at Google, said at a recent conference that a significant number of young people aged 18 to 24 prefer social media search when looking for information, according to the article. has been said to avoid.

“According to our study, nearly 40% of young people go to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to have lunch, rather than using Google Maps or a search,” he said.

“We are constantly learning that new Internet users do not have the expectations and mindsets to which we are accustomed. The questions they ask are completely different.”

In fact, this decline in Google searches is nothing new. A 2016 study by big data technology company BloomReach found that 55% of searches for consumer goods originate from

Personally, when I want to buy something, it is not my habit to go to Coupang to search around Naver, which has enhanced shopping function, but it is not my habit.

As new webs, platforms, and apps that attract customers are launched and Google, which shows general search results, is acquiring different themes and customers, the possibility of diluting Google's search market share exists. there is.

TikTok is a social media that has grown rapidly, mainly in the United States, through the corona period. The use of TikTok by the parents and grandparents has increased as teenagers who could not go to school due to Corona and were able to live with their cell phones all day exploded to share short, fun videos.

So, as Lahavan Senior Vice President announced, young people live on TikTok and have an overwhelming advantage in certain searches, such as places to eat lunch. Thanks to such user search terms, TikTok restaurants have been created that not only raise the rankings on TikTok but also reflect food search trends within TikTok.

Of course, these stories are examples of the United States. According to a survey, the proportion of users in Korea is still at the low 10% level. However, the experience of teenagers is in the low 20% range, so it cannot be said that the texture is different from the global trend targeting the Z generation.

3. Marketers who need to think about how to increase their TikTok search rankings

Then, it becomes clear that the marketers who should think about TikTok first will be content creators and marketers targeting Generation Z. In a situation where it is not easy to keep up with search engine optimization in line with Google's complex and difficult-to-understand search algorithm, it is necessary to respond to search rankings by giant social media.

Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

TikTok Search and Recommendation

Those of you who have done a Google search for TikTok search rankings, etc., can confirm this, but with the growth of TikTok, there are already various services that provide a way to raise these search rankings.

There is also a lot of free content on how to improve your TikTok search rankings. Creators like Mike Rama, who runs a platform that connects UGC creators with brands, are prime examples.

Lamar continues to upload content that emphasizes the importance of using search terms, such as how to use them, on his TikTok channel. Search term usage includes things like finding TikTok's most popular autocomplete search phrases based on a given search term, creating posts on the most searched topics, and more. After all, the key to social media is 'search words' and 'hashtags'.

Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
Increase in TikTok usage and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing

Mike Rama gives useful tips on TikTok, such as how to use search terms

By this time, astute marketers may have noticed that the general rule of search engine optimization, which is how to create content that is structurally and content-appropriately suited to popular search queries, is invariably applied to social media as well.

Unlike popular memes or trending content, search-optimized content creates more traffic over time.

Yvonne Dekoning, a former social media manager at Saks Fifth Avenue, a famous US department store, says that this build-up of transactions is because people intentionally search for information and constantly accumulate clicks on content.

4. Welcome to TikTok as an opportunity to meet new customers

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. try to create a user experience according to their characteristics by expanding the range of products provided. To this end, we provide an easy way to populate the platform with content such as powerful, searchable multimedia.

The important thing here is that the 'easy way' will be provided.

Platforms also know that marketers and content creators need to provide usable ranking factors and algorithms to build rich content on their platforms.

So, the appearance of giant platforms such as TikTok and the increase in search volume will not be a burden for marketers to learn another search engine optimization but will be a good opportunity to meet new customers.